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Health & Safety

At Hearthside Assisted Living, the safety of our residents and staff is our highest priority. This is why a key pillar of Hearthside’s foundation is promoting the health and wellness of those who visit, live, and work within our community. Our wonderful and dedicated staff consistently go above and beyond to ensure our residents live an enriching, pleasurable life while always abiding by our longstanding safety protocols.Close up photo of cleaning kitchen cooker with help of special detergent and sponge

Older adults are at a significantly higher risk of falling than most other age groups. A fall taken by a resident can cause serious injury and lead to long term health issues, so we take special precautions at Hearthside to prevent any falls from happening in the first place. All of our common spaces and living areas have adequate lighting so that residents can easily see potential obstacles, trip hazards, or slippery surfaces. In high-traffic areas, we have minimized sharp edges, corners, and uneven walkways, and all flooring material used throughout the community has adequate traction. All stairways include handrails with clearly defined steps and residents are always assisted with climbing stairways if needed. All chairs throughout the community have armrests to make it easy for residents to sit down and stand up and all bed frames can be replaced with low-profile models to make getting in and out easy. Furthermore, we have installed grab-bars and handrails in all bathrooms near toilets, showers, and bathtubs to provide easy, safe access. The height of all toilet seats can be adjusted and showers and bathtubs are equipped with stools or seating upon request. Staff members increase monitoring for any residents who are identified as being at an increased risk of falling.

Our team is in the building 24/7, and each resident is provided with a pendant so communication with the team is always available to them in case of emergency. Every aspect of Hearthside was designed with our residents’ safety in mind, and all staff members work towards the common goal of providing a healthy, happy living environment for all.

At Hearthside, we work everyday towards keeping our community and the neighborhood surrounding it safe. We have security personnel throughout our premises to eliminate any threat of intruders and to keep residents from leaving on their own. There are accessible pathways throughout our neighborhood for residents to use at their leisure. Other security measures include cameras in every common area, parking lot, and exit along with secure locking systems throughout the community. All visitors must present photo identification upon check-in each time they visit the building. Hearthside has a robust fire safety plan which includes several pre-planned fire routes and exits, and all of our rooms have regularly maintained smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers within.

At the end of the day, the health and safety of our residents is our top priority.

Hearthside provides a high-quality, relaxed living environment to its residents, and we also work each day towards improving every resident’s personal wellbeing so that they feel good on the inside too. Hearthside’s health and wellness program performs personalized health checks, creates individually curated care plans, and creates nutritious meals with each resident’s specific needs in mind. Nutritional needs and restrictions are closely tracked and we make sure every resident receives the healthy, balancsmiling social worker cleaning carpet with vacuum 2021 09 03 04 18 24 utced diet they need to thrive. We ensure all residents are physically active in a capacity that best suits their individual needs and preferences. We encourage participation in mind-stimulating activities and enrichment programs to help improve memory, problem-solving skills, creativity, and other cognitive functions. All of our residents participate in a variety of social activities and get plenty of engagement with their fellow peers.

To further protect our residents, we perform extensive background checks on all of our team members in order to ensure we are hiring well-intentioned people who are passionate about working with aging adults. If any staff member shows signs of neglect, we act swiftly and thoroughly to ensure any disciplinary action or termination is carried out.

Increased Attention to Health & Safety During COVID

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have greatly enhanced our safety practices and procedures to detect and contain any viral breakouts amongst residents and staff. Hearthside has and continues to follow the COVID-19 recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Tennessee Department of Health and other local health departments.

Virus-prevention and containment training has been amplified throughout our community. To maintain a safe environment we regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, counters, and chairs and encourage staff to practice strict personal hygiene habits at all times. Any employees who feel sick are instructed to stay at home to avoid any potential spread of COVID-19 or any other infectious disease.

Staff Contacts

Sean Dozier, Executive Director/Administrator

OFFICE: 615.443.1994
CELL: 615.707.0234
FAX: 615.443.7548

Sarah C. Johnston, Business Manager

OFFICE: 615.443.1994
CELL: 615.445.5124
FAX: 615.443.7548

Betty Kelley, Activity Director

OFFICE: 615.443.1994
CELL: 615.556.9936
FAX: 615.443.7548

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Assisted Living

Retirement Community

Rebate Policy

Base Entrance Fees will be $240,000 for 2 bedroom floor plans, and $280,000 for 3 bedroom floor plans. Vacating rebates to residents will be on the following time sliding scale:

If a resident vacates a home:

After 1 yearRebate is 90% of entrance fee
After 2 yearsRebate is 80% of entrance fee
After 3 yearsRebate is 70% of entrance fee
After 4 yearsRebate is 60% of entrance fee
After 5+ yearsRebate is 50% of entrance fee

In the event the resident vacates the premises, the rebate will not be less than 50% of the original entrance fee, and will be paid in full upon resale of the home.

For more information call today:
615 443-1994

Services at Independent Living

Lawn/ Landscape Services
Pest Control
Planned Activities
Use of Club House for special Events
Access to dining services for a minimal fee

Exterior Maintenance:

Windows and Screens
Gutters & Downspouts
Garage Door

Interior Maintenance:

Plumbing and water associated items
Air Conditioner
Appliances (except Washer & Dryer)
Doors and Cabinets
Smoke Alarms

Household pets are allowed

*There is a monthly maintenance fee of $275.00.

About Hearthside Senior Living

Hearthside is a Christian ministry.

For almost 20 years, Hearthside has provided quality living assistance for members of our community who need extra care in their daily lives. Our dedicated and caring staff is available to offer a helping hand with meals, grooming, bathing, dressing, medication administration or just companionship.

At Hearthside, we take pride in our service to our residents and our truly home-like atmosphere. We make every effort to preserve and promote the dignity and independence of our residents.

Offering our local community:

  • a locally owned assisted living facility
  • a non-profit assisted living provider
  • a Christian environment
  • largest private assisted-living rooms
  • and now an independent living community

We know the importance of finding the proper care for a mother, father, or family member. We understand each situation is personal and unique. We work to ensure that individual needs are addressed and appropriately met.

Since our founding in 1994 …our mission has remained steadfast: to provide quality and affordable assisted living services that maximize the quality of life for our residents while preserving connections to family, friends, and the community. Our mission drives every decision we make because our community is our home.

We are the most admired assisted living community in this area as evidenced by our community voting Hearthside “Best of the Best” for 11 years!

Our goals:

  • To provide the ideal combination of services, housing, and lifestyle to achieve the mission of maximizing our residents’ quality of life.
  • To serve our residents with caring hearts. “Heart” is part of our name… and the core of our services.

From the beginning, we have had the same direction, the same name, and the same structure. Our families do not have to worry who is going to own or manage our facility tomorrow. We are here for the long-term…committed to this community, not for profit or personal gain.

HEARTHSIDE at Castle Heights, a Christian retirement community that consists of a 44 room assisted living group home, is dedicated to providing care and compassion to those who choose to make this place their home. Since our founding in 1994, this non-profit organization has a rich history of service in caring for seniors. With an eye towards the future, Hearthside is moving forward with construction on a new community of 30 individual homes designed with the active senior lifestyle in mind.

THE HEIGHTS represents a new concept in active Senior Independent Living here in Wilson County. Through services provided and new low maintenance homes, residents will have more freedom to enjoy themselves. These single family homes will offer previously unavailable options for those active adults who are looking for security and peace of mind in their retirement.

We serve our residents with caring hearts. “Heart" is part of our name... and the core of our service.