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Small Rooms

323 Square Feet (Approximately)

Accommodate full size bed, additional furniture and sitting area

This is the smallest of our suites but provides spacious living and all the amenities that comes with all of our other suites.
You provide your own furniture and can decorate with artwork and other items to make it feel like home. Come visit us to see one of our rooms and see our other great features.


Our residence is designed to enhance our residents’ ability to enjoy life. From entertaining in their own apartment to enjoying the company of other residents in one of our beautiful common areas, our residents truly make Hearthside their “home.”

When we built our facility, we did so with careful consideration of our residents in mind…a place we would want for our own mother and father.


Q. Will someone call us if our family member needs to go to the doctor or is having a problem with their medicines?

A. Our professional staff is always in quick communication with the family if any resident appears to be in need of emergency medical care, needs to see their personal physician, or is having problems with their medicines. Your loved one’s healthcare and safety are our highest priorities.

Q. Our family member requires a restricted diet. Will your dietary staff work to accommodate their needs?

A. Our professional dietary staff prides itself in their extra effort to please personal preferences and accommodate medically restricted diets, while serving nutritious and delicious meals 3 times a day.

Q. Are nutritious snacks and drinks available at times other than meal time?

A. Fruits, cereals, drinks, ice cream, and a variety of other snack items are available at several locations for our residents 24 hours a day.

Q. What if our family member needs assistance during the night?

A. Our staff is on duty 24 hours. every day of the year to provide assistance for all residents. Each apartment is equipped with emergency call stations located in the living area and bathroom.

Q. Why is Hearthside a “non-profit” and does that make a difference?

A. Hearthside was built in 1994 as a service to this community by a local church. They designed Hearthside to be operated as a “non-profit” service for the benefit of senior citizens and their families. Hearthside was the first facility of its type built in our community and has been serving this community for amost 20 years. We believe our residents benefit from their care not depending on a corporation having to make a “profit” and from their facility not being part of a corporate chain headquartered many miles away.


Hearthside Senior Living’s Assisted Living offeres a beautiful, chalet-like atmosphere with large dining and activity spaces, including small, medium, and large studio apartments. For more than 20 years, the assisted living has been a Christian ministry rooted in serving those needing additional assistance with their everyday activities. Located in the heart of Lebanon, Hearthside Senior Living’s Assisted Living continues the tradition of serving senior citizens who desire a safe and beautiful environment – all within a Christian community.

Services Included:

  • Three (3) Nutritious Meals
  • Snack Carts
  • Healthcare Monitoring
  • Housekeeping
  • Personal Laundry & Linen Service
  • Towels
  • Emergency Call System
  • Social Activities
  • Free Cable Television
  • Free Wifi

Rate & Room Sizes:

Small Studio (323 sq. ft.)
$ 2,900

Medium Studio (422 sq. ft.)
$ 3,100

Large Studio (483 sq. ft.)
$ 3,300

      $ 1,000 for Spouse

Residents requiring assistance with bathing and dressing will be charged an additional $250.00 per month.
Residents requiring special assistance with incontinence care, will be charged an additional $500.00 per month

We serve our residents with caring hearts. “Heart" is part of our name... and the core of our service.