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What Are Residents Saying About Hearthside Senior Living?

For over 20 years, Hearthside has provided quality living assistance for aging adults in the heart of middle Tennessee, located just off Interstate-40 in Lebanon. Residents are welcomed with loving arms at Hearthside, whether in an independent living house or assisted living community – situated on a shared campus. 

Residents in the assisted living community need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) as they enjoy their aging years with a host of seniors who experience shared dining, programmed activities and round-the-clock care.

Hear what Hearthside residents say about living with us!  

What is the culture and environment like at Hearthside? 

Janice Davis / Assisted Living Resident

If you come here, it’s like family. Everybody is close. You stay active and busy; you don’t just sit in your room and feel lonesome. 

Margie Andrews / Independent Living Resident

Everybody is mostly the same age, so we have a lot in common.

Ada Midget / Assisted Living Resident

We have lots of activities. We have church on Sundays. We have preachers that come in. We have other people come in and do activities and tell stories. 

Robin Carr / Independent Living Resident

People are checking in on one another. That’s really a neighborhood. The compassion you find from your neighbors, the love that’s demonstrated. Why would you want to go anywhere else? Why? 

What is the Hearthside campus like?

Janet Presley / Admissions Manager

When you pull on the campus of Hearthside Senior Living, you’re going to see an assisted living building and a community of thirty homes with a clubhouse for seniors who are still active and have the day to day activities without worrying about home ownership and maintenance. 

Robin Carr / Independent Living Resident

We (have) a back porch that’s enclosed and screened in, and we (have) a little fenced in area that the dogs can enjoy. 

Margie Andrews / Independent Living Resident

I never worry about anything. It gives me peace and comfort to know that I don’t have to be concerned. 

How would you describe the team at Hearthside? 

Janice Davis / Assisted Living Resident

I love being here and being able to see my family, but I feel like this is my extended family. The people have treated me real good and have been real respectful. 

Cindy Huffienes / Nurse Manager

We do put our heart into this place, everybody that works here, and I think our people are our heart in this facility. You can tell when you interact with people here that they really truly care about each other. 

Janet Presley / Admissions Manager

Staff members come in on their day off to check-in on a resident that maybe wasn’t feeling well on their last shift. One of the residents was out of shampoo, and so they just stopped at the store and picked it up themselves because they care that much about them. 

Ada Midget / Assisted Living Resident

Everybody here has just been super nice!

Ada Midget

What would you tell individuals and their families about Hearthside? 

Carol Locke / Board Member

It’s a hard decision to not be in your own place anymore. Hearthside is really good at helping you figure out what your family member needs. 

Janet Presley / Admissions Manager

It’s a safe place for mom and dad. You know they’re going to get their medicines on time. You know they’re going to get their meals on time, so that you can live your life and know mom and dad are going to be okay. 

Betty Kelley / Activities Director

Families are important. Families are really important, without that it is really hard for a resident to thrive. 

Alicia Birchett / Nursing Assistant

We really are a second family to these residents. They love us, and we love them and cherish them. 

Robin Carr / Independent Living Resident

It’s so convenient to go to the grocery store, just a short distance to church. It’s just comfortable. 

Janice Davis / Assisted Living Resident

I love living here. I feel like this is my extended family. That’s why I call this home. 


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We serve our residents with caring hearts. “Heart" is part of our name... and the core of our service.