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Hearthside: Compassionate Care for Seniors with Traditional Values

For nearly three decades, Hearthside Senior Living has stood as a beacon of compassionate care and community support in the heart of Lebanon, Tennessee. Since its start in 1994, Hearthside has remained true to its founding principles: “For the glory of God and the enjoyment and security of its residents.” Dr. Jimmy Morris’ words at the groundbreaking ceremony continue to echo, emphasizing a commitment that goes beyond mere profit, focusing on the well-being of residents. Learn why Hearthside is the perfect community for seniors with traditional values.

Rooted in Traditional Christian Values

Hearthside is deeply rooted in traditional Christian values, providing a distinctive environment where seniors can age gracefully while embracing the principles of safety, comfort, and faith. This locally owned and operated, non-profit community stands out as a haven where the spiritual well-being of its residents is given utmost importance. The commitment to Christian values is exemplified through the weekly Sunday service, attended by residents, creating a sacred space for worship and reflection.

art on wall of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 reflecting Hearthside's traditional values

Tom Harris, an Independent Living Resident, articulates the sentiment shared by many within the Hearthside community, stating, “I sometimes tell people that we struck gold or won the lottery. I can’t over-emphasize what a fantastic place it is.” This testament reflects not only the appreciation for the physical amenities but also the profound spiritual richness that Hearthside’s Christian values bring to the lives of its residents.

Service Focused Team

Hearthside distinguishes itself through a relentless dedication to service, open communication, and unwavering compassion for residents and their families. Nestled in Lebanon, Hearthside offers a range of retirement homes designed for independent living, emphasizing a maintenance-free lifestyle within a Christian environment. The community seamlessly integrates independent retirement living with assisted living services, creating a comprehensive and supportive experience for residents.

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Quality of care is paramount at Hearthside, encompassing safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, and efficiency. In the realm of culinary care, the community ensures that each resident’s preferences are met with personalized and homestyle cooking. Betty, an assisted living resident, attests to the quality of care, stating, “They do my washing, cooking, and cleaning. It’s home. It has given my family the freedom to move around as they want to, and it has given me the freedom to be free from them and do what I want to.”

Family-Like Environment

One of the distinctive features of Hearthside Senior Living is its emphasis on building a tight-knit community. Hearthside is not just a place to live; it’s a family. Team members treat residents with the same love and respect they would offer to their own family members, fostering a warm and supportive atmosphere.
Alisha Birchett, Activities Manager at Hearthside, reflects on the unique bond within the community, stating, “I treat every resident like they are my grandmothers and grandfathers. It’s just a really loving environment.” This sense of connection and familial care is a cornerstone of Hearthside’s approach, making it a place where people truly come together.

team members painting flowers with a resident

The involvement of family members is another crucial aspect of Hearthside’s community. Moving a loved one to a senior living community can be a challenging experience, but at Hearthside, the goal is to ensure that both residents and their families feel a sense of belonging. Cathey Sweeny, an assisted living family member, shares, “After a few months of being here, I basically know everyone here. It’s funny, I was telling my mom, ‘Our family has really grown since we’ve been out at Hearthside.’” Hearthside actively encourages family participation through dedicated spaces and programs, fostering an environment where shared experiences can be enjoyed without the stress of managing daily tasks.

Hearthside Senior Living stands as a testament to the idea that compassionate care, rooted in traditional values, can create a thriving and supportive community for seniors. Beyond the pursuit of profit, Hearthside’s commitment to the glory of God and the well-being of its residents shines through, making it a cherished home for those seeking a place where faith, family, and compassion converge.
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We serve our residents with caring hearts. “Heart" is part of our name... and the core of our service.