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3 Advantages of Opting for a Tight-Knit Senior Living Community in Tennessee


When choosing a place for you or a loved one, tight-knit senior living communities have amazing advantages. To see all of the benefits, you have to experience it for yourself. There are so many advantages, but here are our top three reasons why tight-knit senior living communities, like Hearthside, are the place for you or your loved one.


Team Members Treat Residents Like Family

The small community at Hearthside Senior Living creates a tight-knit environment with impactful relationships. Everyone gets to know each other, and the close environment allows for strong relationships among residents and team members. This makes the community more of a family environment.

“I treat every resident like they are my grandmothers and grandfathers. It’s just a really loving environment.” – Alisha Birchett, Activities Manager

The team knows the importance of their roles and puts as much love and attention into every aspect of their roles at Hearthside. With a smaller tight-knit community, Hearthside brings people together.

Family Members are Involved and Can Relax

When looking for a place for a loved one, the whole aspect can be daunting for everyone involved, not just the new resident. Becoming a part of a new community, moving, and wanting to make sure your loved one is getting the care they deserve is the main focus. This can cause the time you have to share together to become jumbled, chaotic, rushed, or a combination of all three. We want the experiences of our residents and their family members to be one that everyone involved can be themselves and have the freedom to enjoy each others’ company. Families can relax and enjoy their visits knowing that every need is being fulfilled.

“After a few months of being here, I basically know everyone here. It’s funny, I was telling my mom, ‘our family has really grown since we’ve been out at Hearthside.’” – Cathey Sweeny, Assisted Living Family Member

At Hearthside, family members can be involved as much as they wish. Being part of the Hearthside family means your family is our family, it’s as simple as that. We design our spaces and programs to make all family members feel welcome. With a family parlor, family fellowship, and a variety of daily activities, there is something for every member of the family to do while visiting. Without the stress of worrying about getting necessary tasks completed, everyone is free to enjoy their shared time together.

The Quality of Care

Quality of care refers to the degree to which services provided to residents meet established standards of safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, and efficiency. Above all else, Hearthside knows the importance of quality of care. For example, quality of food is on everyone’s quality checklist, and that comes as no surprise. With 3 meals everyday, having choices and food you enjoy is a vital part of making any community home. With smaller home-style communities, our team can give each resident more individualized attention and care. The personalized and homestyle cooking gives the opportunity for our chefs to get to know the tastes and preferences of all of our residents.

“They do my washing, cooking, and cleaning. It’s home. It has given my family the freedom to move around as they want to, and it has given me the freedom to be free from them and do what I want to.” – Betty, Assisted Living Resident


We strive to provide residents their independence by helping them in their needs to give them freedom to do as they wish. There are many activities and trip opportunities every day, bringing more options to choose from to every resident. We encourage residents to participate in as many activities as they want to and love when families join in too.

We know moving is a big decision. Contact us at Hearthside to join us for a visit and let us answer your questions.

We serve our residents with caring hearts. “Heart" is part of our name... and the core of our service.